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Gal Gadot Sings Israeli Song

Here’s Gal Gadot getting ready for a photo shoot, and below is audio of Gal Gadot singing in her native tongue.

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Pics From Gal Gadot

Here is a pic of Gal Gadot at work with the hard workers that do her hair and make-up, and another pic of Gal Gadot kicking back. Currently, Gal Gadot is continuing to model and continue her television career in Israel, but  Fast and Furious 6 should be right around the corner, and we’ll inform you on every detail as they come along.

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Gal Gadot at Work

Here are a couple of shots of Gal Gadot hard at work modeling. Above is a POV shot she took of her crew. Below is a shot of Gal before leaving the room. Gal is currently working on various projects, and we’ll keep you updated with every detail.

Enjoy Super Bowl weekend everyone!


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Gal Gadot Behind the Scenes

Check out a behind the scenes picture, taken by the beautiful Gal Gadot herself, on set for a shoot. Gadot is working on some exciting new projects, and we’ll keep you updated on everything on Gal Gadot! Fast and Furious 6 and 7 are in the works, so sit tight. Currently, you can find Gal Gadot in the Israeli TV series Asfur (which might be given an American remake, also as a TV show).

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Ladies of Fast Five Reveal What Revs Their Engines

The ladies of Fast Five, Gal Gadot, Elsa Pataky, and Jordana Brewster, revealed how a man and his car can be sexy. All of them concluded that a guy who knows his way around a car is a turn on.

Gal Gadot explained, “The romance is not up to the car, it is up to the guy you are sitting with in the car, you know what I mean.” Jordana Brewster added, “Opening doors for a girl is never a bad thing. The car actually did overheat in Brazil and Paul [Walker] got in there and knew exactly what he was doing and that was sexy.”

Elsa Pataky said, “I like a man who drives fast because I drive fast so if he doesn’t drive fast I’m like ‘Let me do it’. I think it goes with the personality, you have to suit the car the car you’re driving, the guy has to be comfortable with the car he is driving.”

Gentlemen, take note.

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Save the Boobs

It’s breast cancer awareness month! Check out this game and see if you can spot Gal Gadot and identify the rest! Post your answers here. Save the boobs, and help them kick cancer’s behind!

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Gal Gadot Sings

Listen to Gal Gadot sing here. The song is “here comes the rain again,” by Eurythmics.

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Gal Gadot is Pregnant

Gal Gadot told the press that she is pregnant, but will be very active after the pregnancy and rest period. Gal and her husband will be having a daughter. There will be a burst of activity after the recovery period, as she is expected to be in about a dozen film projects including the next Fast and Furious Film.

The films she has lined up are not being announced yet, and we are eagerly waiting to find out. Gal Gadot is a talented and beautiful actress, and her Hollywood career will be in full bloom in the next couple of years.

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Gal Gadot’s New Jeans and Greetings from Sardinia

Gal Gadot poses in a new pair of Castro jeans, sporting a very 70s type of style. The second picture is of Gal Gadot in Sardinia, enjoying a nice vacation.

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Gal Gadot in Nepal

Earlier this year, Gal Gadot visited Kathmandu, Nepal. She’s not quite a house-hold name yet, and I can assume that’s a good thing for now since she probably doesn’t want a mob of people nitpicking at her every move, so many didn’t hear about her trip to Nepal. Instead, many probably heard about Demi Moore’s “secret” Nepal visit.

Gal Gadot visited Nepal around February and pictures were posted on her official Facebook page. The Nepalis probably didn’t even know who she was, but they will soon, as her career is still unfolding.  Fast Five has made loads of money, and is the best-reviewed film of the Fast and Furious series. This  means that it’s almost a shoo-in that there will be a sixth installment with many of the same characters, including Gadot’s character: Giselle.

For the rest of Gal Gadot’s Nepal pictures, visit her Facebook page.

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