A Look Back At Gisele

Take a look back at Gal Gadot playing Gisele for the very first time in Fast and Furious 4. Here, Dom, played by Vin Diesel, is telling Gisele about his perfect woman, describing none other than Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). Of course, we know that Gisele is just as sexy, if… Continue reading

Women on Billboards Being Defaced in Jerusalem

There’s high vandalism of posters depicting women in Jerusalem, and mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat is cracking down on the those responsible. Billboards and ads featuring women have become a rare in israel’s capital because they are quickly defaced and torn down by “strictly-Orthodox” activists. Since this has become consistent,… Continue reading

Gal Gadot Joins the Cast of “Asfur”

Asfur, an Israeli drama series about four friends living in abandoned buses on property worth millions, has been sold to a production company in the United States. A Warner Bros. based production company, John Wells Productions, bought te rights to the program and the American adaptation is expected to begin… Continue reading