“I don’t have big boobs, but at least I have long legs”- FHM Magazine

(On Fast & Furious) “To do a fourth movie, it has to be better. It’s not easy when there are such high expectations from people who saw the previous ones,” says the Israeli model/actress of the franchise. “But this one is faster, bigger — it’s going to blow minds.”- Creator

(On her Fast Five character: Giselle) “She’s very strong, she’s very tough. She has no fear. She’s like a bad boy, but in a feminine kind of way. That’s the way it should be, women in life, women are strong.”- Hollyscoop

(On working with Vin Diesel)”He was very professional, lovable, friendly. He’s a good guy”-MaximoTv

(On controversial IDF pictures for MAXIM)“Obviously, I don’t think it’s pornographic, or I wouldn’t have done it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Israel is a democracy and that’s what it’s all about.”-Fox News

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