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Gal Gadot Models in Between Fast and Furious 6 Shooting

Gal Gadot still has the time in her spare time from shooting Fast and Furious 6 to do some modeling for Castro brand clothing. Below are pictures of Gal Gadot modeling an amazing royal blue blazer and leather pants, as well as a picture of Gal Gadot with co-stars Paul Walker and Sung Kang. Check them out:

Gal Gadot modeling Castro

Gal Gadot Modeling Castro


Fast and Furious 6: Paul Walker, Gal Gadot, Sung Kang

Fast and Furious 6: Paul Walker, Gal Gadot, Sung Kang

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Castro Commercial Feat. Gal Gadot Being Called Pornographic


A Castro commercial featuring Gal Gadot nearly-naked is causing a stir in Israel with a group of people in Knesset who claim the commercial is pornographic.  Gal Gadot walks onto an elevator without any clothing, and her privates are pixelated.

Castro claims that the models (there’s a male version with Yonatan Wegman) were wearing lingerie and the pixels were strategically placed over them.

”There is no law preventing a company like ours from filming lingerie,” the Castro company said.

There has been plenty of calls about the commercial, but one thing is for sure: we’re not complaining.


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Gal Gadot Bears All in New Castro Commercial

Gal Gadot has a new commercial spot for the Castro Brand. Check out her new, daring commercial out for the Castro clothing brand and stay tuned for more news and updates!

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Gal Gadot at Castro Street Project

Graffitit artists fill the back alleys of Tel Aviv with art, making statements on the walls of a city that tight-rope walks on the line between crumbling and cultivated. The Castro clothing brand has gathered popular street artists around the world to collaborate with their designers on t-shirts to create a mix of fashion and street art. There were 50 limited-edition graphic street t-shirts that explores this unique combination, mixing the fashion of artists from Israel, Germany and Japan. The artists also celebrated their work by taking over a building in Jaffa to use as a canvas for their art. The cream of the crop in Israel attended the showcase project, including the beautiful Gal Gadot. Gadot briefly plugs the Castro brand and poses for photos.


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Castro Clothing Brand Shoot

Here is the Castro clothing brand catalog shoot for Winter 2011/2012.

The name “Castro”, as a unique fashion brand name, achieved significant recognition only in 1985, when the company stopped manufacturing and retailing to department stores and began operating as a manufacturer and retailer within the Israeli market, under the name of its founder, Aaron Castro. According to the Manager Director of the company, Castro geared itself to becoming a leader in the fashion world. Castro’s target customer group was defined as young women. Castro aimed at providing improved quality at lower prices.-Castro Brand

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Gal Gadot Bathing Suit Photoshoot

Recent video of Gal Gadot modeling in a royal blue bathing suit for the Castro Brand clothing company. While waiting for Fast and Furious 6 to start, and other roles to come by, Gadot is still very busy with her modeling career.
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Gal Gadot Does Amy Winehouse Photoshoot


Picture 1 of 4

Gal Gadot recently did an Amy Winehouse photo shoot for the Castro brand. Here are a few pictures from the photo shoot. RIP to a tremendous talent with a vicious lifestyle.


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