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Should Gal Gadot Be New Bond Girl?

Gal Gadot is one hell of a knockout from Israel, and it’s fitting that she would be on several lists to be one of the new James Bond girls in a future installment of the 007 series. She does have experience being in action films, as she has been in a few of the Fast and Furious films and she’s also served in the Israel military. In short, she’s perfect to be the new Bond girl, especially since the series favors beautiful women that still aren’t household names. It would be a great launching pad for Gadot.

As of now, the stunning Gadot is still filming the Fast and Furious 6 or Fast 6, and she seems to be having a ball doing so. Check out this picture of Gadot and Sung Kang driving some pretty fast cars in Tenerife:

Fast and Furious 6 Gal Gadot and Sung Kang

Fast and Furious 6 Gal Gadot and Sung Kang

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