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Tank Action in Fast and Furious 6

There has been a leaked clip of cars chasing a tank in the new Fast and Furious 6 film, directed by Justin Lin. The clip is a short bit of most likely Dom Toretto, Vin Diesel, and Brian O’conner, Paul Walker, trying to manipulate the goings of a tank. The driving patterns look similar to the vehicle heist scenes in the past Fast and Furious films, and those two are the best wheel-men in the business. Then again, Gal Gadot could be in there somewhere.

Fast and Furious 6  cast: Dwayne Johnson Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Gina Curano, Luke Evans, Gal Gadot and Michelle Rodriquez. The film races to theaters on May 24th, 2013.

Check out the clip:

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Fast and Furious 6 Extended Trailer

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fast and Furious 6 trailer has arrived! Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

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Blooper Reel for Fast and Furious 4

Check out some bloopers from Fast and Furious 4!

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Ladies of Fast Five Reveal What Revs Their Engines

The ladies of Fast Five, Gal Gadot, Elsa Pataky, and Jordana Brewster, revealed how a man and his car can be sexy. All of them concluded that a guy who knows his way around a car is a turn on.

Gal Gadot explained, “The romance is not up to the car, it is up to the guy you are sitting with in the car, you know what I mean.” Jordana Brewster added, “Opening doors for a girl is never a bad thing. The car actually did overheat in Brazil and Paul [Walker] got in there and knew exactly what he was doing and that was sexy.”

Elsa Pataky said, “I like a man who drives fast because I drive fast so if he doesn’t drive fast I’m like ‘Let me do it’. I think it goes with the personality, you have to suit the car the car you’re driving, the guy has to be comfortable with the car he is driving.”

Gentlemen, take note.

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Fast and Furious 6 Release Date

Although it will take some time before Fast and Furious 6 begins filming because of Director Justin Lin’s hectic schedule, it is almost certain that Fast and Furious 6 will be made and Gal Gadot will be set to reprise her role as Giselle. Gadot was a fan favorite in Fast Five, and currently has no upcoming projects on her plate, so she is more than likely to jump into the production for another go-around

Justin Lin has already expressed that he wants to make another Fast and Furious movie, but he is currently in line to direct the next installment of the Terminator franchise. In addition, there is a rumor that Lin is also going to remake the 1986 film, the Highlander.

Fast Five has already made around $600 million worldwide.

The release date for the sixth installment is set for May 24, 2013, just in time to kick-off summer once again.

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Top 10 Hotties in Fast and Furious Franchise

The Ask Men online magazine ranks the top 10 hotties in the Fast and Furious franchise. Gal Gadot, former Miss Israel 2004, ranks at number 7 on a list with lots of competition. Having just entered the franchise in it’s fourth installment, Gadot made a pretty significant impact. *Spoilers ahead* As Letty was killed off early in Fast & Furious, there needed to be a new love interest for Dom Toretto, and Gadot playing Giselle filled the spot with ease. Here is the entire list:

10 Caroline de Souza Correa

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
What she rides: N/A

9 Elsa Pataky

Fast Five
What she rides: Armored Hummer


8 Amber Stevens

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
What she rides: Dodge Ram

7 Gal Gadot

Fast & Furious, Fast Five
What she rides: Porsche Cayman

6 Nikki Griffin

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
What she rides: Dodge Viper

5 Devon Aoki

2 Fast 2 Furious
What she rides: Honda S2000

4 Nathalie Kelley

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
What she rides: Mazda RX-8

3 Michelle Rodriguez

The Fast and the Furious, Fast & Furious
What she rides: Nissan 240SX

2 Eva Mendes

2 Fast 2 Furious
What she rides: Dodge Challenger

1 Jordana Brewster

The Fast and the Furious, Fast & Furious, Fast Five
What she rides: Ford GT

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