Fast Five and Oscar Stunts Category

There’s no doubt that Fast Five is Gal Gadot’s biggest success to date, but the 26 year old could add the very prestigious honor of being in an Academy-Award winning film when the Oscars come back around in the Fall.

Veteran stunt coordinator Jack Gill has been pushing for a Academy Award stunt category, for himself and his fellow stunt coordinators for the past 20 years, and every year he gets denied. Gill is the mastermind behind the chaotic, old-school stunts in Justin Lin’s Fast Five, and he’s pushing again this year.

Fast Five’s most notable scene involves a runaway safe, and over 200 wrecked cars.

“My work on ‘Fast Five’ was the quintessential job … it took the most work I’ve ever done,” Gill said.

Despite some Oscar producers’ encouragement that a stunt coordinator category would spice up the lengthy broadcast, and despite past petitions signed by such legends as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Dustin Hoffman, the academy is still pondering about the idea.

If it happens, Gal Gadot maybe able to say she was in an Academy-Award winning film.

Fast Five runaway safe clip:


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